In software engineering we spend years mastering the ability to architect and build code, we become really experienced building things. Often we then get to a point where we are faced with the choice of either becoming a specialist in a particular area or to become a manager of other engineers.

The reason that I chose the management route is that while I love to code (and I never intend to stop coding), what I care about more is helping mentor and grow other developers. I care about developing the next generation of software engineers so that our community continues to grow.

The thing about taking the management route that we often don’t realise is that it requires us to learn a whole new skill set which we often are not prepared for. Having been going through the process of learning how to be a good manager for the past year and a half I wanted to have somewhere to share what I have learnt so that other managers can benefit from what I have leart.

My intention is to post content arround many areas of being a manager including recruitment, people management and stakeholder management. I would love this blog to be community focused with posts from many different guest authors on areas of being an awesome manager. If you want to get involved writing posts please feel free to hit me up on twitter (@jonthanfielding).